Lakers' Artest a big Rodman fan

Ron Artest sported a special haircut for the game against the Magic on March 7. Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest, who sported a Dennis Rodman-like yellow hair style on Sunday against the Orlando Magic, said he doesn't mind the comparison.

In fact, Artest, who like Rodman is a former Chicago Bulls forward, said he's a long-time Rodman fan.

"You can't compare me to a man with five rings," Artest said Monday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "But I've never shied away from that Dennis Rodman question.

"I'm a big Dennis Rodman fan. I've been a Dennis Rodman fan since he was in the NBA, even when he was in the midst of his controversies and when he was winning championships. I've been with Dennis Rodman through bad and good. That's never going to change. Ever."

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