Derrick Rose is a reluctant All-Star

LOS ANGELES -- The most intriguing player in this All-Star Game is first-time participant Derrick Rose, a man who in many circles (including mine) is the top candidate for this season's Most Valuable Player, yet his deferential demeanor around the guys who've been through this weekend of hoops hype a few times makes you think he's a teenager who just transferred to a new high school.

"I feel like I'm still a rookie compared to all these guys," Rose said. "You look at KG [Kevin Garnett], this is like his 14th one. He's got so many stars on the back of his warmup.

"It makes you want to fight to get more. Makes you want to go in and work out harder, just because you want to get to the All-Star Game the number of years the other guys did. "

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