Rose: 'I'm beat up'

INDIANAPOLIS -- When it comes to how he's feeling in the midst of the long grind of an 82-game NBA season, Derrick Rose readily admits the thing that no Chicago Bulls fan wants to hear.

"I'm beat up," he said after Friday night's 115-108 overtime loss to the Indiana Pacers. "But that's basketball ... I think I was out there playing my hardest, giving my all, but physically I feel fine."

Rose played 39 minutes against the Pacers and is averaging 38 a game this season so there is no question the Bulls' training staff will keep a close eye on him down the stretch. There's also no question that his body has taken a beating recently. As he spoke in the hushed Bulls locker room, he pointed out several news scrapes and scratches he had lining his body. He also noted just how physical it was against the Pacers, a team the 22-year old knows his squad may face in the first round of the playoffs.

"It was physical," he said. "That's the way [the refs] let it be."

Speaking of which, Rose was uncharacteristically vocal about how he felt the game was called on this night.

He went to the line 21 times against the Pacers, but clearly thought he could have gone to the line even more. He also fouled out halfway through overtime.

"I don't get that many fouls in games," he said. "I could go a whole game without getting fouls. I was just telling them to make sure they look at the tape with some of them fouls. That's all I said."

No matter how many points he scored, or calls he didn't get, it didn't take away from the fact that Rose was in misery because his team lost a game it could have won.

"All of them hurt the same, man," he said. "When you lose, it hurts the same. Unless you're in the championship game, that's when I think it hurts worse. But all these games, when we get to the playoffs, that stuff is going to hurt bad if you lose."

The last word: "Try harder," - Rose, on what he possibly could have done differently on Friday night: