Skiles, Salmons at it again with Bucks

MILWAUKEE -- They're calling him the "Severance Package."

"What's that?" Scott Skiles said, his brow appropriately furrowed.

OK, I called him -- John Salmons -- the Severance Package, in regard to the Bulls still paying Skiles in year two of his post-Bulls career, and giving him a little something extra to boot.

After all, Salmons has been like free money for Skiles' fast-rising Milwaukee Bucks since coming over in the Bulls' cap space fire sale at the trade deadline.

The 39-30, playoff-bound Bucks are 15-2 with Salmons, and just like his coach, he's earning a reputation for quick fixes. Last year, he helped push the Bulls from mediocrity to one of the best first-round playoff series of all-time. Now, teams in the Eastern Conference are starting to "Fear the Deer."

"I didn't know he was that good," Bucks center Andrew Bogut said of Salmons. "He can really shoot the ball."

With all the talk leading up to the trade deadline about clearing cap space and making room for optimistic summer scenarios, one team in the Central Division is just trying to win now, not trying to get Dwyane Wade.

"They did what they did," Salmons said at the Bucks' practice facility on Tuesday. "I guess they felt like they made the right move as an organization."

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