Perfect time for peak performance

ATLANTA -- Yep, Chicago fans are tough all right, the media unforgiving. And we've all been hard on Carlos Boozer, who proved Thursday night in Game 6 why we were right.

When Boozer is the player he can be, the player he was brought to the Bulls to be, the player signed to five seasons for $80 million, the Chicago Bulls are a legitimate contender for an NBA title.

"We're 10 times better," said Taj Gibson after Boozer's best playoff game as a Bull.

Coming just in the nick of time, Boozer's game-high 23 points on 10-of-16 shooting, 10 rebounds and five assists played a huge role in vaulting Chicago into the Eastern Conference finals for the first time since 1998 with a convincing 93-73 victory over the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena.

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