Last laugh

Nobody could believe what they were seeing in the United Center on Monday night. Players, fans, media, it didn't matter. Everybody was in some state of awe.

Especially Gavin Maloof.

The Kings owner couldn't contain his excitement after the game. His team had just won a game in which they trailed by 35 points in the third quarter. He had the look of a man who had just won the lottery. Sacramento Bee reporter Sam Amick tried to capture Maloof's joy after the game with a quick video interview. What he didn't expect to capture was the complete misery on the face of another man walking down the hall.

That man was Vinny Del Negro.

About 35 seconds into the clip, the dejected Bulls head coach walks right past a joyous Maloof in the tunnel on the way to his post-game press conference.

The brief interlude perfectly illustrates the wide range of emotions that everyone felt on this night.