Halftime: Bulls 46, Heat 44

MIAMI -- The Chicago Bulls lead the Miami Heat 46-44 at halftime in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. Derrick Rose and Luol Deng lead the Bulls with 10 points each. LeBron James has 12 points to lead the Heat while Mario Chalmers has added nine off the bench.

This has been a game dominated by runs up to this point. The Bulls started off the game on a 19-8 run. The Heat followed that up with a 29-9 run and then allowed the Bulls to crawl back in and take the lead back.

The Bulls closed the second quarter on an 18-7 run. It appeared the Heat had a chance to pull away from the Bulls, but Rose made several shots at the end of the half, including a huge dunk over Joel Anthony.

Rose needs to continue to play well if the Bulls want to pull out a win. Despite his solid play at the end of the half, he was just 4-for-14 from the field. Both teams will kick themselves for not taking better control of the game when they had it.

Two key stats to keep an eye on in the second half: The Bulls lead the Heay 26-10 in points in the paint, and the Heat hold a slight edge in rebounding, 21-20.