Brewer says Bulls will be ready to go

CHICAGO -- Ronnie Brewer isn't concerned that the lockout will affect the momentum that he and the Chicago Bulls built up over the past year.

"I don't think it hurts us. I think it would have helped us," Brewer said during a phone conversation on Friday morning. "Obviously we had a lot of momentum going into that conference finals. We came up a little short. It took a little wind out of the sails, but I think it turned up a flame inside every one of us to want to be eager to get back out there to start the season to get right back to where we were. I think the fire inside of us is still there. It just sucks a little bit that all this negotiating is playing out. But if you can't agree on something, you just can't agree. And if you're at odds with the opposing side, it is what it is.

“But I feel like everybody wishes that we could play basketball. We feel for the people [the lockout] affects. People that work in the arena, the businesses that are around the arena. The businesses in the arena that affect the economy. But at the end of the day we just want to play basketball as a Bulls player. We want to play for the city. We want to play for the fans and we want to play for a championship."

Here are a few more of his thoughts on what has happened since the Bulls last played:

On what he's been doing since the end of the season: "Obviously, right when the season ended, you try to take some time off to let your body heal. But then, you've got to prepare yourself like the season's going to start on time. So I've been training like it's any other offseason, working on my jump shot. Working on lifting weights to get bigger, get stronger, to be faster, quicker. Just preparing myself to have the best season I can possibly have. I feel like the team ended on a good note last year. We came up a little short, but I think everybody is doing their part to get better, to make the team better. And whenever we do start, [we'll] hit the ground running and be ready to go."

On losing the Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat: "Honestly, if you look back at those games, I feel like we played well all the way up until, almost in every game, the last two or three minutes. When it came to those two or three minutes in crunch time, they executed their plays better. They executed their [sets] better and we weren't making shots. I feel like we were playing great defense, but they were just making shots and the plays were going their way. I feel like if we executed a little bit better down the stretch, we got the shots we wanted every time, the series would have been a little bit different."

On potentially playing in Europe: "It's definitely a possibility if it drags. But my loyalty is with the Chicago Bulls. They gave me an opportunity in free agency, so I'm going to stay loyal to them and try to stay in shape and work on my game so whenever this is over, I can jump right in the mix and be ready to go. But again, if this lingers on for a long period of time, you definitely have to look at that [Europe] option, but right now I'm focused on the Chicago Bulls."