Two guard won't solve Bulls' 'big' issue

CHICAGO -- The addition of a shooting guard to the Chicago Bulls roster, in all likelihood veteran Richard Hamilton arriving via waivers/free agency this week, would be an unquestioned boon to a team crying out for one.

Derrick Rose found it hard to hide his enthusiasm when he was asked about Hamilton Sunday, saying, "Did we get him yet?" and "I know he'll help us if we get him." And Rose's teammates were equally forthcoming in singing Hamilton's praises.

"I've known Rip since I was 14 years old . . . " said Luol Deng, whose brother played college basketball with Hamilton at Connecticut. "If Rip was to come here, he'd be a great guy in the locker room, a great teammate . . . He's a guy who won the championship [with Detroit]. He's been there, he knows what it takes and I'm sure if he was to join us, he would make us better."

But while focusing on how much the Bulls, and specifically Rose, would benefit from help in the backcourt, the Bulls frontcourt could reveal itself to be the real vulnerability and is actually a bigger concern to the team.

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