Roster breakdown: C.J. Watson

As we get set for the Bulls season, let's take a closer look at each player on the projected roster.

C.J. Watson

Salary: $3.4 million

Role for Bulls in 2011-'12: Watson is going to be Derrick Rose's main backup all season. He admitted last season, and again on Sunday, that he gets frustrated with his role sometimes. He wishes he could see the floor more, but he knows playing behind Rose doesn't allow him much room to grow. Still, Watson looked much more comfortable in Tom Thibodeau's system toward the end of last year, and it's clear he enjoys playing with his teammates. He is expected to be an anchor for the Bench Mob.

What happened this summer?: Watson spent a lot of time training in Las Vegas and appears to have kept himself in good shape.

Best-case scenario: Watson continues to improve on his play from last season and becomes even steadier off the bench. His shooting percentages go up and he becomes an even better defender than he showed last season. He continues to get to the rim when needed and is able to take some pressure off Rose. "C.J. is a vet," Rose said after Sunday's practice. "Somebody that comes in the game and does his job, knows his role on the team. Been doing great for us, and he just needs to keep it up."

Worst-case scenario: Rose gets hurt and Watson can't keep the Bulls' offense running consistently. He takes too many wild shots and tries to do too much by himself.

Bottom line: All Watson needs to do to stay in Thibodeau's good graces is keep the offense running smoothly when Rose goes out of the game. He has proven capable, such as when he scored 15 points when Rose got in early foul trouble during Friday's preseason opener, so there's no reason to think he can't do it again this season.