Rose a no-brainer for Sportsperson of Year

The Maurice Podoloff trophy stands sentry in the living room of his "little townhouse" near the Bulls' practice facility. Every day, on the way to the Skittles machine or out the door to the Berto Center, Derrick Rose can admire what he accomplished last season.

The trophy represents the past, which makes Rose wince, and more importantly, it's a testament to his basketball education.

"I look at it here and there," he said, when I asked if he thinks about what he accomplished last season. "I can't be caught up in it. That's just from working hard. I know if I work hard every summer, I don't have to think about it while I'm on the court. It's just going to happen."

Rose says basketball is about reaction -- "reacting here, reacting there"-- and while he talks, he starts snapping his fingers to simulate reaction. Rose is often asked if he plans his mesmerizing moves, which sent adults into childlike hysteria last season, and his answer is always the same.

"If you think too much," he said, "you're going to mess up."

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