Boozer expects Detroit cheers for Hamilton

CHICAGO -- Carlos Boozer knows what Richard Hamilton will go through on Wednesday night when he returns to Detroit to face the Pistons, Hamilton's team for nine seasons.

That's because Boozer went through the same experience last season when the Bulls traveled back to Salt Lake City to face the Utah Jazz. Boozer spent six seasons in Utah and was booed loudly in his return, but he expects Hamilton to be treated differently in Detroit.

"I've been there before," Boozer said after Tuesday night's win over the Atlanta Hawks. "As a player, being in a certain place for a long time and then going back ... he won a championship for that team. They'll probably give him a warm applause and well deserved. He got a championship there, been there for almost 10 years. I think he was there for nine years. They won a lot ... It will still be different. [For] everybody to see him in a different uniform will be different for all the fans."

Boozer knows that Hamilton's emotions will be all over the place on Wednesday.

"It's crazy," Boozer said. "You've got memories. You've got the excitement of the game, of course, but you've got your memories and all the people that you know in the building. All the fans that have cheered for you for so long. He'll go through all of that. Then you realize you've got to go out there and play too so it will be good for him. And we'll be there to help him out."