Howard avoids talking about trade rumors

ORLANDO -- Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard sidestepped questions pertaining to the Chicago Bulls and the possibility of him playing for them in the future after Friday night's game.

When asked specifically if he would be willing to sign an extension with the Bulls if they were to trade for him, Howard was non-committal.

"We're not talking about trades," he said. "That has nothing to do with the position I'm in right now. At this point, my concern is helping my team get better. That's it."

When asked specifically about whether he wanted to play with Derrick Rose at some point in his career, Howard also played coy.

"We can play in the All-Star Game together," he said. "It will be fun. Come February [26th], me and Derrick will [be on] the same team so I'm looking forward to All-Star Weekend."

Howard did manage to give the Bulls one of their highest compliments of the young season.

"They just played hard," Howard said. "Everybody knew what they had to do. Guys came off the bench and they know what to do when they come into the game. They didn't step outside their boundaries. They did exactly what their coaches asked them to do. And we have to be the same way."

The last word: Carlos Boozer on Rose:

"You really can't describe Derrick. You really have to watch him play. I'll put it like this. If I was a fan and I'm enjoying basketball in a different country and I came to America to watch a couple of games, I would make sure I came to Chicago to see him play. I'm saying personally, I would spend money to watch him play. Like when I retire, and he's still playing, I'm going to come back and watch him play."