Thibodeau helps Bulls tune out noise

CHICAGO -- Tom Thibodeau moved briskly through the post-game locker room, but he couldn't escape being noticed.

"Hey Thibs!" Joakim Noah shouted from across the room. "Congrats! you're going to the (bleeping) All-Star Game."

When met with Noah's approval, Thibodeau smiled and did a little half-wave and walked into the training room.

Thibodeau's Magic Kingdom is the Berto Center, and Noah is the only Goofy he wants to deal with.

He won the right to coach the Eastern Conference All-Stars by virtue of the Bulls' 24-7 record after they beat the Kings Tuesday in an All-Star-like track meet, 121-115.

The joke is that the All-Star Game, and in the spotlight, is the last place Thibodeau wants to be.

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