Thibs pleased with Bulls' current roster

MILWAUKEE -- Count Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau in the group that doesn't believe the Bulls have to make a deal before the March 15 deadline.

The veteran coach didn't think any proposed deal would harm team chemistry, but he doesn't sound like a man who will pound Gar Forman's door asking for a trade, either.

"I think whatever the circumstances are, you can always fit somebody in," Thibodeau said before Wednesday night's game. "They may not have a full understanding of everything, but you can design specific packages for those guys when they're in the game. And that's not uncommon, you deal with that throughout the course of the season whether you bring a guy in for a 10 day or there's a trade made, but I think that's one of the great challenges of the league. In general, it's a league of change and you have to be able to respond quickly to any change that might occur at any time. And I think the teams that handle those situations the best are the ones that have the most success."

Just how much say does Thibodeau have as far as whether a deal will be made or not?

"We talk every day," he said of his conversations with Forman and Bulls executive VP John Paxson. "Their job is to study the league, field calls; and often times if you have a good team, you have good players, people want them, they call. That doesn't mean we're going to do anything. We listen. And if we think it could make the team better we'll consider it, if not we're more than happy with the roster that we have. We feel very good about that."

Deng see Bulls maturing: Luol Deng knows his team is maturing on a nightly basis and Wednesday's win over the Bucks is just another example of that. In years past, the Bulls may have found some way to lose the Bucks' game, but Deng knows his team is playing with more fight than ever before.

"Every game is going to have it's own story," Deng said. "Every game is different. We want to come out every night and just blow teams out and not play in the fourth quarter if we had a choice, but this is the NBA. Guys can play. Teams are going to take away certain things. Guys are going to have good nights, some off nights; I always say you've just got to find a way somehow and we're getting better at it this year than last year. And as the year's going on we're really getting better at it and just finding ways to win. The way the game was going, we had turnovers, and it shows a lot of maturity. Each individual and also as team, we're really getting better and it's going to help us later on in the playoffs. I thought last year, just losing to Miami there's certain times where as a team we didn't stand up or stepped up to what was going on in the game and I think we're better at it this year."

The last word: "I'm just blessed that I'm on this team and they gave me the ball at the end. It shows how much respect they have for me [and] how much confidence they have in me ... That's something that I look at. I know I'm young, but I think about that stuff. When I'm done with this game, I want to be a great," -- Derrick Rose on his reaction to Wednesday's game-winner.