Bulls earned right to see this through

There's always this feeling, when a team does nothing before the NBA trade deadline, of being left out, especially when you think your team is close as-is to winning a championship. Especially when a key player has been injured all season and when the perception is that a tweak here or there could mean the difference between beating or losing to the Miami Heat in a seven-game series.

So you look at some of the players who changed teams Thursday -- Stephen Jackson, Richard Jefferson, Nick Young -- and it's understandable if you feel this was an opportunity missed. They're all guys who can do the one thing the Chicago Bulls aren't positively great at -- putting the ball in the basket with little or no help.

Thursday, at 2:15 p.m. Central time was the Bulls' last chance to add somebody who can do that. They could have added Young, particularly, for what amounts to a ham sandwich. Instead, the Bulls did probably what they should have done: nothing. That's right, the Bulls stood pat, and it might very well wind up being the right thing. And nothing drove that point home like the victory over Miami on Wednesday night.

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