Bulls put title hopes on hiatus

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- It's not a secret the Chicago Bulls aren't gunning for a championship run this season. So maybe someone should fill in Marco Belinelli.

When Derrick Rose's ACL went at the end of their first playoff game last year, so too did the hopes for a seventh Larry O'Brien trophy. But I'm not sure the tight-lipped Bulls front office have informed new guard Belinelli of the new reality.

"When the Bulls called me, I was so happy because Chicago is the team that can maybe win the championship and I can play with a star like Derrick Rose," he said at his introduction Tuesday at the Berto Center.

OK, now replace "star like Derrick Rose" with "grinder like Kirk Hinrich" and "championship" for "first-round exit."

Something might have been lost in translation with the 6-foot-5 Italian two guard. I bet the crafty Tom Thibodeau can say "gametime decision"and "we've got more than enough to win" in all of the romance languages.

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