Bulls' new bench a little wooden

CHICAGO -- If the Chicago Bulls were a mixtape, they’d be titled "Nate Robinson's Flight School, Vol. 2” or maybe “Derrick Rose Presents: The Return of Kirk Hinrich.” Whatever the name, this team is no best-seller, no viral hit.

The product they put on the floor could vary wildly from night to night this season.

The Bulls are in a weird kind of limbo, competitive but ultimately immaterial until Rose heals from his franchise-altering knee injury. After two years of dominating the regular season, it will be hard to get excited about Marco Belinelli's neckbeard and Robinson spreading his wings like an airplane after a made shot.

With a new-look bench debuting, the Bulls won their preseason opener over the Memphis Grizzlies, 92-88, despite a 1-for-21 shooting performance in the all-bench fourth quarter that all but erased a 16-point lead.

Don’t worry, Thibodeau’s vocal chords got its preseason workout. He’s got more than enough to scream with. After the game, Thibodeau said this game “does reveal a lot of things to us.”

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