All-Stars abuzz around Gasol matchup

NEW YORK -- The basketball world is caught up in the Gasol vs. Gasol storyline heading into Sunday night's All-Star Game.

Even the king.

"I think it's amazing," Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star LeBron James said, in regard to the fact that both Pau and Marc Gasol will be starting in Sunday's game.

"I think it's so awesome. I think it's so cool, for the first time in our history, we see two brothers face off against each other in the All-Star Game. They're great, both of them, Pau and Marc. They're unbelievable, and I'm happy to be a part of it."

That seems to be the sentiment around the league. As the Gasol brothers continue to answer questions about their accomplishments from journalists all over the world, especially a crush from Spain that has chronicled their every move, it's been interesting to listen to other All-Stars' reactions about what the Gasols have accomplished.

"It's amazing," Atlanta Hawks All-Star Kyle Korver said. "I have three younger brothers, and we all play basketball too. You know it's special any time you get in the gym together. It's just a really fun time. For them to jump center court in the All-Star Game, it's got to be a really special moment for their family, and it's just an amazing accomplishment."

The love and appreciation is not lost on older brother Pau. The Chicago Bulls big man recently noted that being voted in by the fans for the first time in his career was "remarkable and honorable." He knows that being able to play with his brother in the league's biggest showcase is going to be special.

Asked which four other guys he would pick to play with him if he could pick anybody, Pau Gasol danced around the question awhile before landing on one sure bet -- Marc.

"My brother would definitely be one that regardless would be there," Pau said. "He'd be in. He'd make the cut."

Gasol's Bulls and All-Star teammate Jimmy Butler is one of many players who can appreciate what the pair will feel Sunday night.

"That's big for those two," Butler said. "They've had great careers in this league, only going to get better. But they're just fierce competitors, so it's great to go up against your brother, knowing you grew up with him, you played against him when you were younger, and now you get to play against him on a really, really big stage."