B1G coaches' tournament: Game 2

On Wednesday, we introduced the all-time Big Ten coaches tournament, and earlier today we kicked things off with our first first-round game.

Now it's time to keep moving through the bracket. Remember, this is a 12-team tournament in which the top four seeds all received byes. Those top four seeds are:

1. Woody Hayes, Ohio State

2. Bo Schembechler, Michigan

3. Tom Osborne, Nebraska

4. Joe Paterno, Penn State

Our next contest features the No. 6 seed taking on the No. 11 seed, with the right to advance and face Osborne in the next round at stake. Your votes will determine the winner, and you have until late Monday morning to weigh in on this one.

Here's your 6-11 matchup:

No. 6 Chicago's Amos Alonzo Stagg vs. No. 11 Iowa's Hayden Fry

Tournament résumés:

  • Stagg: There's a tendency to forget about Stagg, both because his school -- the University of Chicago -- no longer competes in the Big Ten or in big-time sports, and because his career took place in the early 1900s. But did he ever accomplish a lot, including 199 wins overall, 116 Big Ten victories and two national championships (1905, 1913). He also helped innovate many of the plays and formations in modern football and also contributed so much to basketball that he's in that sport's Hall of Fame, too. The Big Ten names its football title game trophy after Stagg.

  • Fry: Iowa football was basically roaming the wilderness of irrelevance before Fry came along and rescued it. He went 143-89-6 and claimed three Big Ten titles for the Hawkeyes, and his 98 Big Ten wins are the fourth most ever. Fry was so influential that he created a very impressive coaching tree.

Which coach advances? Vote now, and drop us a note as to why you voted the way you did. The best responses will run in our results posts.