Geneva's Boenzi thrilled to sign with NIU

NIU stood by Frank Boenzi despite his academic problems, and he's anxious to reward the Huskies' faith. Scott Powers for ESPN.com

GENEVA, Ill. -- The reality of his college football future struck Geneva defensive tackle Frank Boenzi before his senior year.

Boenzi had always assumed he was fated for the Big Ten. He had a Big Ten body and Big Ten ability -- as Geneva coach Rob Wicinski put it, "He has the unique body control of a 200-pounder in a 300-pound body."

The problem has never been his skill. Big Ten schools did want the 6-foot-3, 320-pound Boenzi, as they knew he has the makings of menacing defensive tackle at the next level. They just weren't so eager to have him as a student.

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