SRO fans: 'Best seat in the house'

The view from Wrigley's standing-room-only section was worth $35 to many spectators. Courtesy Kevin Allen

Tom Murphy and his son, Brendan, don't mind standing for their beloved Fighting Illini -- even if it means standing the entire game in a stadium they loathe.

As White Sox fans, the Murphys “hate coming to Wrigley.”

“The only time we come here is to watch the White Sox pound the Cubs,” Tom said.

The Murphys, along with dozens of other fans, braved plunging temperatures and biting winds in the standing-room-only section to watch the Illinois-Northwestern game at Wrigley Field on Saturday.

And they liked their standing room just fine, thank you.

Katie Ekstrom and her friend, Ian Barbo, always get standing-room-only tickets when they come to Wrigley. Neither went to any of the schools that were represented on the field Saturday, but they are football fans and, unlike the Murphys, fans of Wrigley Field.

“Best seats in the house,” Barbo said of the standing room.

They're the cheapest, too.

Barbo paid $36 per ticket after fees and brought four friends with him.

The Murphys bought their tickets on StubHub.com, paying $40 per ticket, slightly higher than face value. Brendan Murphy said the next lowest price for tickets on the ticket resale website was $150 per seat.

But what about the view?

“If I were in a regular football stadium, I would not be able to see this well,” Ekstrom said. “I don't mind standing. It's just awesome to be here.”