NU's Watt played 2 days after surgery

EVANSTON, Ill. -- Northwestern senior defensive lineman Kevin Watt revealed Thursday he had surgery due to an arm infection two days prior to him playing against Army last week.

Watt was hit on his left arm during practice last Tuesday. His arm began swelling that evening, and he could barely move it by Thursday.

“I go into the training room, and they’re like we have to get you to the hospital and get this checked out,” Watt said. “I went over to the hospital, and it turns out that getting hit made it inflamed and also got infected from a cut that was right by there. Pretty much what they had to do was put me under and had surgery on Thursday, stayed overnight and got some antibiotics.”

Watt awoke Friday at 6 a.m. at the hospital, returned to campus and later boarded the team’s plane. On Saturday, he had two tackles against Army.

“I was very fortunate it wasn’t a very serious things and was able to play,” Watt said.