Carmody hopes NU makes long NIT run

EVANSTON, Ill. -- Northwestern coach Bill Carmody said Monday he will discuss his future with athletic director Jim Phillips after the Wildcats have completed their play in the NIT.

“We just do it at the end of the year every year, so I hope it’s not for a couple of weeks,” said Carmody, who is in his 12th season at Northwestern.

The Wildcats were not selected to play in the NCAA tournament on Sunday. They were invited to their fourth consecutive NIT. The Wildcats will host Akron on Tuesday.

Carmody was disappointed not only that the program failed to reach its first NCAA tournament, but also that the Wildcats were given a No. 4 seed in the NIT. Northwestern was considered a NCAA tournament bubble team heading into Sunday.

“I was surprised,” Carmody said. “I thought we were a higher seed than that. I thought we were at worst a two seed.

“There was disappointment yesterday, but the real disappointment was Thursday [losing to Minnesota in the Big Ten tournament.] You have five days. I think that was the disappointment. As it turns out, the way it looks to be, even if we had beaten those guys, we weren’t getting in. That’s what it seems. It looks like we would have had to beat Michigan.”

Carmody had improved Northwestern’s non-conference schedule this season, which included hosting Baylor and traveling to Creighton. But he said he would further examine how the Wildcats scheduled based on which teams were selected to the NCAA tournament on Sunday.

“We’re going to have to look at everything,” Carmody said. “It’s like bad losses didn’t seem to hurt teams as much as good wins helped them. Some teams had some real bad losses, but they were in December, so they didn’t seem to matter as much. We’ll definitely look at the aspects of it in our schedule.

“I will sit down with my staff and Jim Phillips and look at everything what we can do from a scheduling standpoint that will help us. We had done that, but maybe we have to do a little more, think about it a little differently.”

Carmody is confident Northwestern has a strong non-conference schedule next season with the Wildcats hosting Stanford and traveling to Baylor. He also said Northwestern still had a few openings on its schedule.