Northwestern linemen face JUGS machine

One of the great gifts football provides is seeing really big men do things their bodies aren't meant to do.

The Fat Guy Touchdown, for instance. Or the Almost Fat Guy Touchdown, courtesy of the New England Patriots' Dan Connolly.

Northwestern added a new layer to the hilarity at the end of a recent spring practice. The Wildcats had their offensive and defensive linemen participate in a JUGS machine challenge, which required them to catch the ball like punt and kickoff returners.

Warning: Don't watch the following video if eating, drinking or handling sharp objects.

One of the first clips shows starting center Brandon Vitabile, who checks in at 6-foot-3 and 300 pounds, stumbling badly in an attempt. Defensive linemen like C.J. Robbins (6-5, 275) didn't fare much better.

The competition comes down to defensive end Tyler Scott (6-4, 265) and guard Brian Mulroe (6-4, 295), who actually made catches in the prelims. After a prolonged sudden-death period that features some catches and flops, Scott, who displays decent form, emerges as the victor when he beats Mulroe for a jump ball.

Venric Mark, the team's top return man, shouldn't have to worry about losing his job.