Times are changing for the Irish

It won't be today or tomorrow. But the BMOC says that soon, the Irish will be holding up the ACC flag in football, too. AP Photo/Michael Conroy

This week's top 20:

20. Notre Dame goes to Mayberry

If you're of a certain age, and know what it's like to have your knuckles thwacked by a ruler-wielding nun, and spent your Saturdays rooting for a certain team in Indiana, and still get misty eyed when Rudy's teammates place their jerseys on Dan Devine's desk ... then you're probably conflicted about this latest news involving Notre Dame and its new college sweetheart down South, the ACC.

In short, they got lavaliered, which is frat-speak for, they're engaged to be engaged. And if this works out the way I think it will, Notre Dame and the ACC will eventually tie the knot.

But if you're a child of the Madden Era, and you think Lou Holtz has always been an ESPN studio analyst, and you've never seen Notre Dame win a national championship -- and don't think you ever will -- then you're probably thinking this new ACC-Irish deal is no biggie.

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