Louis Nix back to old self after flu bout

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The reporter had a rather delicate way of asking how Notre Dame's medical staff accommodates 6-foot-3, 326-pound students.

Not that Louis Nix minds.

"The bed was a decent size, but i didn't complain," the nose guard laughed. "I don't mind it."

Yes, Nix is laughing and joking and having fun. This is a good thing for the Irish, because he wasn't such happy company to be around a week ago.

Flu-like symptoms kept the redshirt sophomore overnight in the infirmary one day last week, and he didn't think the Pitt game would be on his agenda. He talked with coach Brian Kelly on the field beforehand, saying he wasn't himself. Kelly took note, and then replacement Kona Schwenke hurt his shoulder early on, leaving the Irish with little choice.

Nix played most of the game, finishing with four tackles and half a sack.

"It's like going into a gunfight with a pair of scissors," Nix said of playing without a full week of practice. "You're not prepared. I wasn't prepared but I did my best and I just did what I usually do in a regular game: I read my keys. I did that to the best of my ability. I guess I was rigth on some plays, wrong on some plays, but as long as you just going full-speed that eliminates all of that."

Said Kelly: "When got in there, he played very well. He played really gutsy. He was not feeling well. He would come over to the sideline, you could tell that he was not feeling very well."

Nix said he had no reservations about stepping in when Schwenke went down, and the rest this past Sunday and Monday brought him has the run-stuffer back to his normal self heading into Saturday night's game at Boston College.

As if his presence around others wasn't already a dead give-away.

"My teachers got wind of it, they knew something was wrong with me," Nix said of last week, "because if you don't see me smiling and laughing and jumping around, there's something wrong with me, and that's what it ended up being."