Kelly: Polls can't diminish effort

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Coach Brian Kelly says he doesn't believe No. 3 Notre Dame's season will be lessened if the Fighting Irish finish the season undefeated and don't win a national championship.

"I would tell our players that everything that was within their control, they handled and that they're champions because of it. A pollster or computer rankings really can't diminish what you've accomplished," Kelly said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press. "I can tell you this: The ring will still be as big. Now, we may not have that crystal ball down there, but we'll have a lot of signage."

Kansas State (.9674) is in first in the latest BCS standings, followed by Oregon (.9497) and Notre Dame (.9396). If things remain that way through the end of the season, Kansas State and Oregon would play for the national championship and the Irish (10-0) would be left out.

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