3-point stance: Despite loss in court, Northwestern players raised awareness

1. The NLRB decision to turn the Northwestern unionization case away is a victory for common sense, and a reminder that all the hysteria over the initial ruling had little to do with the final outcome. Former Wildcats quarterback Kain Colter, who led the unionization movement, should be lionized, along with Ed O’Bannon and other plaintiffs, for making FBS schools understand -- at the point of legal action -- that they must provide more benefits for their student-athletes. They do.

2. Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer provided insight into player workloads Sunday. Meyer discussed the adjustment that senior Braxton Miller must make as he moves to catching balls instead of throwing them. Corners and receivers, Meyer said, run for two hours of practice. As a quarterback, which Miller played from 2011-13, “you run for maybe four or five minutes at practice, and you're doing other things.” All of which Meyer said to explain that Miller experienced some muscle tightness but would be fine.

3. The more I hear about the progress of California junior quarterback Jared Goff, the more I think the Golden Bears are a dark horse in the Pac-12 North. Yes, he’s skinny, but he survived the beating he took the last two seasons and just might get some protection this season. And has he got an arm. “His understanding of the offense – the timing, the understanding, the execution and attention to detail is so much further along than it has been really at any point,” Cal head coach Sonny Dykes said. “…He’s doing all the stuff you want a quarterback to do for you.”