B1G coaches tourney results: Game 6

Our first Final Four game in the all-time Big Ten coaches tournament is set.

No. 4 seed Joe Paterno advanced earlier, and now we find out his opponent. The sixth game in our bracket featured No. 3 seed Tom Osborne from Nebraska vs. the No. 6 seed, Chicago's Amos Alonzo Stagg.

Osborne ran away with this one, winning 72 percent of the vote to 28 percent for Stagg. So it will be Osborne vs. Paterno in one semifinal, which will begin later this week. Should be extremely interesting.

Here are some of your thoughts on the Osborne-Stagg game:

Casey from Hudson, N.H.: As a former Nebraskan, Tom Osborne was and still is the face of Cornhusker football. His record speaks for itself and what he did outside of football is even more remarkable.

Alex from York, Neb.: Osborne gets the nod here, Stagg meant a lot to football but most all of us can remember how totally dominant Nebraska was in Osborne's last 5 years as a coach, going 60-3 with 3 national titles. For perspective, Alabama's record the past 5 years was “only” 60-7, also with 3 national titles. Winning 9 or more games every year in an era where you played 11, MAYBE 12 games per year is too impressive to ignore here.

Josh from Des Moines, Iowa: No doubt about it Osborne is the greatest coach ever. IF he hadn't retired so early and was still coaching, Nebraska would have three additional national championships at least! Osborne was ahead of his time with his schemes and player development.

Paul from La Crosse, Wis.: I grew up during the '90s. There was no better time to be a Husker fan. Maybe the (Bob) Devaney years could stack up, but I wasn't a twinkle in my parent's eyes yet. Even at a young age it was apparent that Tom Osborne was someone to be respected and you could see how much the players respected him. I will never forget Tom being carried off the field by his players after winning the 1994 Orange Bowl. I say good luck to anyone who tries to get in the way of Tom and winning this tournament. Us Husker fans love our Tom Osborne.

Brian from Omaha: T.O. managed a successful program for 25 years, nine wins every season. I can't replicate that success on video games nor could any of the other coaches in this field.