Drummond to decide future with SIU's Hinson

Southern Illinois recruit Bobo Drummond will discuss his future with recently hired coach Barry Hinson in the near future, according to Illinois Wolves club coach Mike Mullins on Thursday.

Drummond, a 5-10 point guard at LaLumiere in Indiana, is considered the gem of the Salukis’ Class of 2012. He signed with Southern Illinois while Chris Lowery was its coach. Lowery has since been fired and Hinson was named his replacement this week.

Mullins is familiar with Hinson who was Missouri State’s head coach when Mullins’ son Bryan played for Southern Illinois.

“I thought coach Hinson had some talented teams at Missouri State that caught the short end of the stick come tournament time. He had more than a few that could have been in the field. They played hard. They changed defenses. They played man and zone. They were aggressive offensively. They tended be a tougher out in the (Missouri) Valley during Bryan’s career. They beat a lot of good teams.”

Mullins said his role was to provide advice and help his players – Illinois recruit Jalen James, also a member of the Illinois Wolves, is in a similar situation with the Illini making a coaching change -- decide where they best fit.

“Try to strip the emotions from it,” Mullins said. “Look at it as a business decision from them, the pluses and minuses in any recruiting process whether it’s a new coach or an old school to see where they fit. Our players have gone on to schools and very few have, much less than on average, have had to change schools. It’s because they’ve found the right fit. That’s what we’re looking for.”

Mullins said Hinson had a brief conversation with Drummond already. He expected both coaches and recruits to have longer talks within the next week.