Galippo apologizes for postgame remarks

On the same day USC quarterback Matt Barkley didn't back down from his teammates' comments about Notre Dame quitting, the one who caused most of the the uproar did.

Trojans linebacker Chris Galippo took to the Twitter world on Monday to apologize for his postgame remarks from two days earlier, posting: "If I offended anyone with my post game comments Saturday, I do apologize. I have great respect for their players and their program..."

Galippo caused a stir following USC's 31-17 win over Notre Dame by saying that the Irish — who did not use any of their three timeouts as USC ran the ball 10 straight times over the game's final 6:43 — had quit.

"At the end there, when they didn't call those timeouts, they just quit," Galippo said Saturday, according to ESPNLA.com's Pedro Moura. "And that's what Notre Dame football's about. They're not anything like USC."

"We're coming halfway across the country to play these guys," Galippo added. "They hyped it up. This was their Super Bowl. They had 26 or 27 official visits this weekend.

"This was it for them."

Earlier Tuesday, on 710 ESPN Radio with Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley, Barkley agreed with Galippo's postgame assertion.

"I would agree with that," Barkley said. "I was shocked that they didn't use the timeouts because we got on the field with seven or so minutes left. Six, whatever, about seven minutes left, and I thought they were gonna, planning on stopping us and then saving their timeouts for the end when they had the ball. But then it got down to around two minutes and they still hadn't used their timeouts and we were still controlling and moving the ball down the field. And even inside of two minutes they didn't call anything.

"And it seemed from our sideline, from our perspective, that they did give up. It seemed uncharacteristic of Notre Dame, and I wouldn't have wanted to have been on that sideline."