A rooftop wedding? They do.

CHICAGO -- If the weather is just right and there are enough seats available then it can be an ideal spot for a wedding.

That seemed to be the thinking of a couple getting married on a rooftop outside of Wrigley Field before the Cubs-White Sox game on a perfect 91-degree Sunday afternoon.

As the Wrigley Field stadium organ was playing 10 minutes before game time, the couple stood with its back to the field and against the railing of the Murphy’s Bleachers rooftop in right-center field while the ceremony took place.

The wedding guests had it much easier than the well-dressed bride and groom since they were all wearing casual stadium garb, some with Cubs jerseys.

To the credit of the entire wedding party, the ceremony was paused out of respect for the National Anthem with everybody getting to their feet and a smiling bride turning toward the field. The wedding ceremony ended just before first pitch.

A couple that gets married just before game time at Wrigley Field probably has an affinity for the Cubs and not the White Sox, but the groom was still in a black tuxedo, while the bride was wearing a white dress.