Theo's Cubs can't be too patient

CHICAGO -- On a sunny day when his former last-place team met up with his current last-place team, Chicago Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein was resplendent in his equanimity.

At his new home, foundations for sustained success are being built, losses are being tolerated, hitting coaches are being fired and high-priced veterans are being dangled. Aside from Boston being in town, Friday was just another day for the new Mr. Cub.

Dressed casually in a polo shirt for a blistering hot game at Wrigley Field, the Tony Campana-slender Epstein met with a ravenous pack of Chicago reporters and strolled across the infield to engage with his old Red Sox players.

Maybe, while the rest of us were dawdling around the field, he got Boston to take Alfonso Soriano's contract as the rest of the compensation for his move to Chicago. More likely, Epstein will just be glad this last trip down memory lane will be over soon so he can get back to the important work of trading Ryan Dempster -- who threw seven scoreless innings, extending his scoreless streak to 22 and added a triple and a single, which doesn't hurt his value -- fellow starter Matt Garza and whomever else he can unload for value on playoff contenders.

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