Dempster outraces Campana to $500

CHICAGO -- There appears to be some loose ends Ryan Dempster is clearing up, like collecting $500 from Tony Campana.

Dempster might be traded soon so time was of the essence to complete the long-standing bet between teammates.

Last season, when Campana burst on the scene as a speedy outfielder and leadoff type, a bold Dempster suggested they wager $500 to see who would hit the first triple.

Never mind that Dempster had hit only one in his career and that was way back in 2002. Dempster hit one Friday thanks to some awful outfield play from the Boston Red Sox's Adrian Gonzalez. Campana has yet to hit one in his career.

“Imagine that?” Dempster said. “I’m feeling pretty good about that.”

He was feeling so good, in fact, he took a moment to rub it in Friday.

“He told me I should have stopped at third on my inside-the-park home run,” Campana said of his sprint around the bases last season.

It isn’t certain if Dempster will collect on the bet, which was surely made in jest. Campana thinks Dempster didn’t even remember it until he reminded him.

“I think I would have gotten away with it if I didn’t say anything to him,” Campana said.

Easy come, easy go.

“I thought it was going to be the easiest money I would ever make in my life,” Campana said. “I didn’t realize Adrian Gonzalez was going to be playing in right field and dive and miss a ball. It happens.”

Good thing for Campana that Dempster didn’t take him up on a new offer.

“I was trying to get him to jack it up,” Campana said. “He wouldn’t do it. I’m lucky he didn’t take it.”

If Dempster isn’t traded before his next start in a National League park, Campana might make a double-or-nothing offer of most steals in a game.

“With my luck he’d somehow steal four in a game and beat me there too,” Campana said.