Stewart's wrist woes remain a mystery

CHICAGO – Another doctor visit failed to reveal anything specific in the left wrist of Ian Stewart.

The Cubs third baseman, who is currently on the disabled list with left wrist soreness, has been dealing with pain in the area for over a year now. But multiple examinations have failed to reveal a specific problem.

Stewart had a different doctor check his wrist Monday, with a brand new MRI, and still there was nothing to point to exactly in the wrist.

“The doctors checked him out and basically didn’t find anything that our doctors hadn’t found,” manager Dale Sveum said. “So nothing major.”

Stewart might beg to differ. He even talked about a possible exploratory surgery to get to the bottom of his issues, but only walked away with a cortisone injection.

“They injected him on top of the hand this time,” Sveum said. “It seemed to go well, so hopefully that can get him through the season and we can go from there.”

As for that possible surgery, that doesn’t seem to be in the plans, at least not before the offseason.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be on the table right now,” Sveum said. “This kind of thing is lingering, and hopefully these cortisone shots in a different area are going to make the big difference.”

Stewart has been on the disabled list since last Wednesday and won’t be eligible to return until June 28.