Fans lauded by Soriano ... Yes, that Soriano

CHICAGO – If Alfonso Soriano is holding any hard feelings about how he was treated by Cubs fans last weekend, he isn’t showing it.

Asked what his lasting memory has been during his time with the Cubs thus far, Soriano didn’t mention a personal or team accomplishment. He mentioned the fans.

“I think the fans they all support the team no matter what,” he said. “I think that’s the best memory because I played on different teams and when the team plays bad the fans don’t go to the ballpark. But here no matter what they go to the ballpark.”

That answer wasn’t expected, especially after fans at Wrigley Field jumped on him Saturday when he failed to run on a hard line drive to third base. When Red Sox third baseball Will Middlebrooks dropped the liner as Soriano remained at the plate, the boos rained down immediately.

The fans’ displeasure didn’t stop as the boos came when Soriano took his position in left field. When he threw a ball to a fan in the stands, many in the bleachers shouted to throw it back.

Soriano has since been defended by his manager, his teammates and president of baseball operations with all of them saying Soriano didn’t do anything every other major leaguer would have done under the circumstance.