LaHair could get NL starting nod at first

ATLANTA –Bryan LaHair’s All-Star experience could get even more memorable with the possibility that he could be the National League starter at first base for next Tuesday’s game.

The Cincinnati Reds’ Joey Votto, who was voted by both fans and players to be the NL starter at first base, is experiencing knee issues that have kept him out of the last two games.

Votto is considering the option of taking a pass on the All-Star game to make sure he is rested and healthy for the second half.

The LaHair All-Star story keeps getting more fascinating and not just because he spent nine seasons in the minor leagues while finally getting the chance to be an everyday player at age 29.

The reality is that LaHair could start at first base on a team of the NL’s best players and he doesn’t even start at first on his own team anymore. He was moved to the outfield last week after Anthony Rizzo was called up to the major leagues.

By rule, LaHair would get the All-Star Game stating honor if Votto takes a pass because he finished second in the players’ vote, but that doesn’t matter since he’s the only other first baseman on the NL roster at this point.

LaHair is batting .284 with 13 home runs and 28 RBIs. His .521 slugging percentage would be 11th best in the National League, although technically he doesn’t qualify among NL leaders because he doesn’t have enough at-bats.