Gary Pressy celebrates 25 years at Wrigley

CHICAGO -- Cubs organist Gary Pressy knows he’s among the last of an endangered species.

With more and more ballparks opting for canned pop music to entertain the masses instead of the old-fashioned organs that once sufficed as a stadium’s soundtrack, the man tickling the ivories at Wrigley Field says his ability to stay on top of the latest tunes is key to keeping the game-day experience fun and fresh for fans of all ages.

That's why he’s adapted tunes by mainstream artists such as Lady Gaga for his giant Lowery organ.

While most ballparks pipe in pop music through the speakers, Gary Pressy still plays the organ.“You have to because in Wrigley Field, there are different generations that come to these games,” Pressy said. “You have to brush up on all the new stuff and also play a lot of the oldies and goodies.”

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