Chat wrap: Sale or Peavy? Is Castro safe?

Every Tuesday at noon Bruce Levine spends an hour taking your questions about Chicago baseball. Here are some highlights from today's chat:

Matt (Chicago)

One game playoff who would you want to start, Peavy or Sale?

Bruce Levine (1:07 PM)

Probably won't have that type of choice if it goes down to the end and you have to get a wild card spot, you may have already had to pitch them to get in. I don't mean to scare you but it could be Floyd or Humber to pitch that game. Remember back in 1998 it ended up being Steve Trachsel for the Cubs against Mark Gardner of the Giants, neither one being the ace of the staff. But to answer your question, I'll take Sale.


David (Va Beach)

Is Castro safe? Or do you expect plenty of trade rumors over the offseason? I'm asking as someone wanting him here longterm.

Bruce Levine

Obviously there are holes in his game. But the upside is much too great, I think, to consider trading him. The only reason Epstein and Hoyer would consider it is if they think he's not going to get better. And as brilliant of baseball men as they are, I doubt they can make an educated guess as to what his eventual upside is at this point.

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