A ruthless Soriano piles on Giants

CHICAGO -- Alfonso Soriano didn’t want to go to San Francisco via a trade and on Friday the Chicago Cubs left fielder added insult to injury by unloading a home run and three RBIs on the first-place Giants.

The situation wasn’t lost on Soriano, who said earlier this month when trade rumors arose that he didn’t care for the weather in San Francisco and reiterated that thought after a 6-4 Cubs victory Friday.

“I feel sorry for them because they try to get me because they know what I can do,” Soriano said. “And I tried to show them today.”

The Giants had been looking for beefed-up outfield production and that was before Melky Cabrera was lost for 50 games on a drug suspension. Soriano never had intentions on moving west.

He stopped trade talks before they could ever get started by saying that he didn't want to play in San Francisco. He not only said it before the non-waiver trade deadline but after it as well.

“It’s very hard to play on the West Coast, especially that field,” Soriano said. “It’s nothing against that team, they have a pretty good team. I think it’s more the city because the weather. They have a very good thing (going) and they are in first place but I want to go somewhere where I feel comfortable and I know that if I go to San Francisco I will not feel comfortable in the city. I think it’s comfortable with the team but not with the city.”

The waiver deadline passed Friday with Soriano still with the Cubs. Trade rumors are expected to pick up in the offseason, though, and Soriano sounds receptive to being moved.

“If they come to me I’ll think about it,” Soriano said. “If they want to build the team, if they can get something for me I’m happy to go somewhere else where I can feel comfortable.”

It doesn’t sound like he will be able to stomach another season that approaches 100 losses.

“I don’t want to have the same year that I have again this year, losing a lot of games,” Soriano said. “But we’ll see. I’m part of the team right now so I don’t know about next year. But they are smart enough that if they want to have kind of the same team they will figure out what to do with me.”