Sveum good sport after team's prank

MESA, Ariz. -- Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum got a surprise Sunday from his team, which donned orange hunting gear for the organization’s first team meeting of spring training. The players were teasing Sveum over the winter shooting accident in which he was hit -- but not injured -- by his former teammate Robin Yount.

“Halfway into the meeting they all took their jackets off and had bright orange hunting gear on and hats,” Sveum recalled afterwards. “Of course they gave me one with a target on it.”

Ownership and the front office were in on the prank and while no one claimed immediate responsibility, fingers were pointed at pitcher Matt Garza.

“That was a good one,” Garza said with a smile. “Just loosen people up. The first day can be a little nerve-racking. Whoever did that, it was a good one.”

Garza wouldn’t confirm he was the ringleader.

“Guys laughed it off, (Sveum) laughed it off,” Garza said. “It was a good ice-breaker… When the person that gets it is laughing that’s a good one. When you get a mean face, probably not the move you want to make.”

Sveum jokingly said he’s looking for who organized the prank.

“God help him when I find out,” Sveum said.