Sveum against the NL adopting DH

PITTSBURGH – Count Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum as one not in favor of the designated hitter rule coming to the National League.

"I like it the way it is," Sveum said before the Cubs and Pirates played Thursday afternoon.

The topic came up after Theo Epstein told USA Today he thinks there's a good chance it could be adopted by the National League in the coming years. Right now, during inter-league play, National League and American League pitchers bat when games are played in NL parks. Both teams employ a designated hitter when playing in AL parks.

Major League baseball has scheduled inter-league play for every day of the season making a uniform rule more pressing.

"It's going to be brought up to where it's a serious issue now," Sveum said.

Pennant race games in September will feature AL pitchers batting in NL ballparks while NL teams might feel under-manned when going to AL parks.

"We didn't build our team with a DH," Sveum said. "They (American League teams) pay people a lot of money to DH."

Sveum did admit it's probably good for the players to employ a DH sighting Cubs prospect Dan Vogelbach as a good example. Vogelbach – about 6-0 and 250 pounds -- has major league hitting potential but can only play first base. That's currently occupied by 23-year old Anthony Rizzo.

"A Vogelbach, those kinds of guys, are primed for that spot if that happens," Sveum stated.

There is no scheduled vote on the designated hitter rule or major committee meeting due to convene about it, but some in baseball think all that is coming.

"Obviously it makes sense now with the new scheduling," Sveum said. "(But) I enjoy the National League game."