Five Questions With ... David DeJesus

David DeJesus tries to leave tough days at the ballpark rather than bringing them home to his family. Brian Kersey/Getty Images

It's time for another edition of "Five Questions With ..." This time the talkative David DeJesus sits down to answer questions he won't get in a postgame press conference, including a bonus sixth query:

When a guy like Anthony Rizzo gets new paper how long does he have to buy for?

DeJesus: I told him in the shower the other day -- yes, in the shower -- 'You're going to be expected to buy a lot now. Even though you're young, money talks.'

What's the best insult by an opposing fan?

DeJesus: Um, I can't think of too many except for one I've heard many times. 'I don't believe in Jesus.' I hear that a lot in opposing cities.

After your wife, who's a celebrity crush?

DeJesus: I've always been an Adriana Lima fan. The Victoria Secret's model. She'd be alright.

If you're in a terrible slump, like 0-for-20, would your wife know it by your demeanor?

DeJesus: No, no way. My wife will say it to this day, when I struggled in Oakland I never brought it home. I don't think that's my job to bring my work home. I want when I get home, my family to rely on me to be their rock.

Your career high in home runs and batting average with a full season of at-bats is 13 and .307. Would you rather hit 30 home runs or hit .350 just once?

DeJesus: I'd probably go 30 home runs just because I've never done it so it's got to be a fun feeling to feel what these guys (points to Rizzo) do sometimes.

After night games, whiskey, vodka, beer, iced tea?

DeJesus: How about a good Cabernet? I've graduated. I like a good wine.