Cubs mailbag: Kevin Gregg

Kevin Gregg has solidified the closer job for the Cubs with six saves in six opportunities. Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune/Getty Images

This week Chicago Cubs closer Kevin Gregg answers the mail. Gregg, who was picked up off waivers for his second stint with the Cubs, is 6 for 6 in save opportunities going into Friday's game. He answers your questions:

What would you say is the biggest adjustment you've made between your two stints with the Cubs? -- Topher (Bourbonnais, Ill.)

What gets lost in the mix last time I was here (in 2009) I had one bad outing early but then threw well in May, June and July. But I was coming off knee surgery and was supposed to be limited in the amount of games I was in, and I ended up with 74 games. They were guessing 50-55 games was about the maximum. So there were some physical things I couldn't overcome that I tried to play through and it just didn't work out for me. I'm healthy now.

What was your favorite baseball team growing up? -- Isaac (Waterloo, Iowa)

My favorite team was the Dodgers. My parents were from Southern California. We used to go to games as a kid. That was my first real experience with big-league baseball. I always liked Ramon Martinez, Pedro's older brother. I just liked his style and all that stuff and admired the way he played.

What is your autograph policy? Do you have a routine? -- Tyler Roach (Knoxville, Tenn.)

Manners. People saying "please" will usually get me to stop. "Hey sign this," usually doesn't work for me. And if I have time. We're all pretty busy getting our routine done but if I have time I have no problem signing.

How has the culture changed in the Cubs clubhouse since your first go-around with the club? -- Craig (Seattle, Wa.)

There's a complete turnaround from last time I was here. There's only a couple guys left. New ownership was in the midst of taking over when I was here last time. With Theo (Epstein) and front office, a lot of changeover and new directions are being taken. It's a complete 180.

What is your most memorable moment in your baseball career? What was your biggest disappointment? -- Blake (Lake County, Ill.)

My most memorable moment was just getting to the big leagues. Obviously that was a lifetime dream and to be able to fulfill that dream and staying here, it's all part of one big moment I guess. I really don't have any disappointing moments. Playing at the big-league level it's hard to be disappointed.

You had a lot of success in spring training and it's carried over well into the season. Did you tweak anything for this year? What's the biggest reason for the success so far? -- Matt (Chicago)

Mechanically I've made some changes that will allow me to be more consistent and repeat my delivery and allow my arm to work the way it should. As you get older you have to make some adjustments and I've made those and they're paying off.

What's the clubhouse like as far as personalities are concerned? -- Mike (Wheaton, Ill.)

It's a great group of guys. There are no small clicks or anything. It's not individualized. Everybody inter-mixes with everybody.