Cubs, Reds muddle through the fog

A dense fog nearly delayed the Chicago Cubs-Cincinnati Reds game Monday night as both teams were affected by the thick mist which rolled in and out of Wrigley Field early in the game.

It couldn’t get any worse or else you would have had to stop it,” manager Dale Sveum said after the Cubs' 6-2 loss. “It was borderline as it was.”

At several points during the game the scoreboard in centerfield wasn’t visible from behind home plate. The fog made it especially difficult for outfielders.

“There were a couple parts to those first few innings... if there were a few more high balls hit into the gaps it would have been tough to see,” Sveum said.

As is, at least one ball went unnoticed until it got to the outfield grass. Pitcher Scott Feldman singled to centerfielder Shin-Soo Choo, who clearly reacted late to the ball.

“It was kind of surprising to see it out here,” Feldman said. I was hoping it would be harder for them to pick up the ball but apparently it didn’t work.”

Feldman gave up all five of his runs in the first three innings when the fog was most prevalent, including a grand slam to Brandon Phillips. At one point the umpires convened for a discussion about delaying the game but it never was stopped. On the other side of town the Chicago White Sox game was delayed for over an hour.

“We were getting through it (on defense) so we didn’t want them to call it while we were hitting,” Sveum said.