'Time well spent'

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry was in a euphoric mood after participating in a meeting with 27 of the 30 general managers in baseball Wednesday at baseball's quarterly meetings here.

Commissioner Bud Selig spoke to the group for about two hours.

"It was a pleasure and an honor to be invited by the commissioner and his staff," Hendry said. "I found the meeting to be extremely productive because myself and the other GMs in the room were able to have good, healthy baseball discussions about a lot of topics, including player development and scouting. We weren't called here to change any rules or anything like that, but I found it a very productive time well spent with really healthy dialogue. I commend Bud Selig for coming up with this idea and I look forward to the rest of the meetings."

Hendry, along with White Sox GM Kenny Williams and the rest of the GMs represented at these meetings, enjoyed a cocktail party and dinner with the owners of all the teams and Selig on Wednesday night.

Hendry will put his GM hat on again this evening when he hopes to talk to other GMs about possible player movement scenarios. The San Diego Padres, Toronto Blue Jays and Colorado Rockies are all teams that have players the Cubs are interested in.