Long day-and-a-half for Scott Feldman

CHICAGO -- It had been a whirlwind 36 hours for former Chicago Cubs pitcher Scott Feldman. The veteran RHP left the Cubs in Oakland on Tuesday and pitched for the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday night against the White Sox in Chicago.

Feldman received a no-decision, going six innings while allowing two runs in his first appearance with the Orioles.

“I left a lot of good people over there,” Feldman said off his Cubs experience. “From the staff to the players and front office. I made a lot of good friends there on the team, and everyone treated me really well.”

Feldman knew he might end up on the trading block at some point with a rebuilding team like the Cubs when he signed a one-year deal during the offseason.

He said he felt the opportunity to prove he was still a quality big league starter was worth the risk. Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein assured Feldman he would be one of his five starters before he inked the deal.

“I just wanted to go somewhere where I could get an opportunity to [start],” he said. “I just felt I had a better opportunity to succeed if I could go out and make 30 starts. I don’t think it was a gamble; I was just looking for the right situation.”

Feldman more than proved he was still an efficient big league starter. He put up a 7-6 record with respectable 3.46 ERA for a club that was 10 games under .500 when he was shipped to the Orioles.

The 30-year-old pitcher enjoyed his time with the Cubs and believes the front office is moving forward properly with their rebuilding of the Chicago franchise.

“I am sure it is frustrating at times, but at the end of the day they should just keep focusing on what they are doing,” he said. “A lot of people would not have expected us to win, but I think the staff and the players did every time we took the field.”

Feldman not only believes in the Cubs' game plan for winning, he also wouldn’t rule out a return to the team in the future.

“They have won before,” he said. “I trust that they are going to do it again. They did it over in Boston, and I think they are taking the same approach in Chicago. They are trying to get that good farm system and some good young arms.

“I loved it there, and I don’t carry any hard feelings. They did what they thought was best.”

The chance to pitch for a contender in the Orioles is what excites Feldman now.

“This is an excellent team and I am lucky to be here,” he said after Wednesday’s 4-2 win against the Sox. “I don’t feel like a stranger here. I played against these players for a long time and played with a few of the guys in Texas.”