Wrigley exterior wall in right moving back

After originally being approved to push back the exterior wall in right field at Wrigley Field seven feet, the Chicago Cubs received permission from the city on Thursday to move it back an additional eight feet.

It’s a move that will shorten the width of Sheffield Ave., but it will provide a larger area for a bar and grill on the southeast corner of the park, according to the Chicago Tribune. The section of Sheffield behind the park would be narrowed from 33 feet to 23 feet, eliminating some street parking, according to the report.

The changes are part of a five-year, $500 million “restoration” of Wrigley Field which has stalled at various times because of ordinance issues regarding the ballpark and surrounding neighborhood, including the rooftops where fans can watch games.

On Thursday, President of Business Operations Crane Kenney told a crowd of season-ticket holders that the project is getting closer to complete approval but is still being held up by “legislative” issues.