Cubs active but might need to wait

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. -- As the winter meetings wind down, the Chicago Cubs are still hopeful to make some impactful moves for 2014 but might have to wait until later in the winter.

“We have offers out for a starting pitcher in free agency, we have offers out for a relief pitcher, we have a trade offer out for a position player,” team President Theo Epstein said Wednesday afternoon. “We’re doing a lot. We’re not just hanging out at the ‘ole Dolphin (hotel). Teams that have less currency often times execute things later in the winter.

“We’ll probably be active later than earlier.”

It’s believed that the trade offer involves an outfielder.

The Cubs have inquired about many available second tier players both in free agency and through the trade market. They’ve also fielded a lot of calls.

“At least a third of the roster is asked about at this time of the year,” Epstein said. “We don’t think there is anything pressing where we think there is a tremendous, legitimate compelling interest in any of our position players where we’re close to anything. It could change but right now we’re not close to anything.”

Epstein was asked if the deals the Cubs are working on involve significant names.

“They would be significant to us and our 2014 team, but do I think you would deem them significant? Probably not,” he responded.